TWC Trainee Quiz

Before we send out evangelists to every door in Oviedo, we want to insure that we have a firm understanding of the gospel. To avoid confusion and false teaching, we're requiring each trainee who is seeking to head their own missions to pass a basic gospel quiz and complete an in-person role-play with a trainer.... Continue Reading →


The Witnessing Club v2.0

Earlier this year, The Witnessing Club launched with the intention of training up and sending out laborers. I had created a training curriculum twice over, condensed the training into a 3 day study, then ultimately decided to scrap it completely for next season. Why? Evangelism is more caught than taught. We wasted much time teaching... Continue Reading →

3/30/18: Mall Outreach

Tonight's outreach teams went out to Oviedo mall once again with Easter invite cards. Both groups together were able to pass out just under 100 invitations to families, and minister to several people. Several families were excited to be invited, a few mentioning that they were looking for churches in the area. Praise the Lord!... Continue Reading →

5 Modern Methods of Sharing the Gospel

We are going to be looking at a few different examples of modern day evangelism; the pros and cons, and the results.   1. The "Smile and Wave" approach This method uses body language and sometimes telepathy to send subliminal messages to sinner in hopes that strenuous efforts, compassionate eye contact, and godly living will... Continue Reading →

**NEW** What is Your Life? Tract

For a while now, I've felt convicted to write a gospel tract that used scriptures alone. This is because the word says that faith comes by hearing the word of God (Rom 10:17). I'm convinced that my words and reasoning will always be second best to what the Bible clearly explains itself, so instead of... Continue Reading →

3/16/18 Mall Distribution

Wow! What a great day of witnessing opportunities. Thank you for all the prayers. I'd hate to exaggerate just how many people we reached and spoke to about the gospel, but I would guess we reached roughly 50 with tracts and of those probably had 25-30 conversations (we had a group of 8 guys in... Continue Reading →

D2D 3/10/18

The team met up early in the morning on Saturday to get their feet wet with Door to Door evangelism. We had a bit of role play time before hand to get everyone ready. Around 9:30am, we set out around the neighborhood. We found out that Florida doesn't wake up until about 10am as the... Continue Reading →

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